Top Questions To Ask Siding Contractors

The importance of adequate insurance and… insulation while choosing siding company

Before any works on your siding commence it’s always good to learn whether your chosen siding contractors are ready to handle job correctly. One of the first things you should ask isn’t actually total cost of the project but rather liability and compensation insurance. At the first glimpse, it doesn’t seem to be your problem but I wouldn’t be so hasty. Inadequate coverage or lack of thereof may result in you paying for repairs or replacement of items damaged by siding contractors.

In case any of the workers is injured during siding installation, you may also be held liable for medical costs such situation incurs. Another thing to ask about is possibility of adding extra insulation during the siding replacement as this is the best moment to do that. Professional contractors should be able to present you with different options regarding insulation types and costs.

Cost, schedules and warranties on siding contactors jobs

As far as costs are concerned you also have to ask not only how much you’re going to pay in total but also the exact payment schedule. Different siding companies in Chicago approach the subject from slightly different angles. Some contractors require specific sum down and then subsequent payments on every stage of siding installation.

Other would be happy to receive all of the money due at the completion of the project. It’s a big red sign when a siding company expects you to pay whole amount upfront before any work commence. Knowing, how much you’ll pay, you also want to learn whether your siding contractors offers warranties on their work and materials used as well as what conditions are to be fulfilled so you’ll be eligible. Ask also whether siding company of your choice is local business, so there will be someone to take care of repairs if the need arises.