Windows Replacement

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RENOVAX - Professional Window Replacement Service in Chicago

When it’s time for window replacement?

There are many reasons to replace your windows. Energy efficiency is a big reason for the recent rise in window replacement in Chicago. Older homes and businesses often have single pane windows which freeze up easily and don’t contain your heat well. Noise reduction and adding value to your home through curb appeal are also common reasons for window replacement. If your windows aren’t replaced by a professional who knows what they’re doing; you may find yourself dealing with leaks, drafts, and needing to replace your windows again.

For window replacement in Chicago, you can trust Renovax to get the job done right the first time with a team of highly trained professionals using only the best quality products. From your initial consultation and original window removal to the final installation, you can rest assured you will be working with people who are highly-skilled and take pride in their work. We believe in our products and our installation team so much that we offer a warranty with all of our replacements.

How Renovax perform window replacement

Renovax utilizes only the best products during window replacement, and guarantees that we will remove your old windows and any water-damaged or rotten wood and drywall around them.

Here are some of the products Renovax utilizes to ensure your window replacement fits water and weather tight:

Protecto Wrap Window Flashing Tape

The flashing tape Renovax uses during replacement will create an impenetrable barrier, blocking air, vapor and moisture from entering your walls and home.

Window and Door Foam

This foam seals any gaps and holes around your windows. This works with the flashing to stop energy loss and ensure weather-tight installation.

Here in Renovax we have 3 different replacement packages you can choose from depending on your home needs:


If you are replacing your windows for cosmetic reasons, and not because you have drafty, rotting or crooked windows; the standard replacement is ideal for you. This replacement includes:


If you do have water damage; we will also remove the window sashes and rotten framing, as well as track down the source of the leak and work to stop it from continuing.

In order to fit a new window and ensure there will be no more leaks we will: We will get this with:


Are your old windows completely rotten or damaged? Are your inside casings in really bad shape? With this replacement we will: