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Even most expensive products will not help you if you lack professional execution!

Among the many variables-such as the material, specific features, and offered warranties-good installation is essential. A poor installation nearly guarantees the failure of even the most expensive, high- performance window.

In the whole Chicago-land you will not find a better company for windows installation. Here at Renovax we are oriented to provide the highest quality window installation services. Our main goal is your satisfaction, that is why our highly-skilled staff will assist you from the beginning to the end. It is not only about installation of windows. Our services include consultation to help you make a possibly best choice and prevent you from typical mistakes.

Window installation is not easy process. It requires much of technical knowledge, specific experience and proper execution.

Contact us for possibly best window installation service.

How Renovax perform window installation

During window installation, Renovax uses several products that make the installation more efficient and results in a better quality windows.

Protecto Wrap Window Flashing Tape

Window and Door flashing tape seals window perimeters to create an impenetrable air/vapor and moisture barrier.

Window and Door Foam

TeQ Window & Door Foam is dispensed in bead form for sealing gaps, cracks, holes, and voids around windows and doors. The foam is a great method for stopping air and moisture infiltration and expensive warm and cold air loss between the windows and the rough frame.

Installation Types


If your window framing is not rotten, is reasonably level, and you do not feel a draft coming in through your casings around the window; we can then use our standard installation to fit the replacement windows into the original opening. This installation includes:


If your window has suffered from serious water damage, the window sashes and rotten framing should be replaced and the source of the leak tracked down and stopped. Our Medium Installation is the best solution to this as it allows us to integrate the new window fully into the wall width, while replacing all rotten wood, installing the necessary tapes and flashing to stop the leak from reoccurring, and insulating the new window properly. We will get this with:

Our medium installation does not require the replacement of inside casings, blinds, inside shutters, or drywall returns but some adjustments and touch-ups may be required.


Are your old windows completely rotten or damaged? Your inside casings in really bad shape? Would you like to install new wood or fiberglass windows? Or would you just like more windows in your house? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you need our deluxe window installation. With this installation we will:

Our Deluxe Installation is complete makeover of your house inside and outside.

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