Vinyl Siding Installation Tips – How to Replace a Piece of Vinyl Siding?

Installation vinyl siding does not have to be a problem

When you want to install vinyl siding by yourself you need to be aware that there are many things you can not know about. So here are a couple of simple tips that will help you install your vinyl siding without frustration.

Tip 1 : Use the Wider Starter Strip

The part the bottom panel hooks on to should be at least 1 in. below the top of the foundation, because the lower it is, the better. It protects the sheathing from rain and snow.

Tip 2 : Cap the Corner Posts

You should cap each post before you install it because a lot of critters can make a home inside vinyl corner post.

Tip 3 : Pull Up as You Nail

A lot of vinyl siding failures are caused when panels unlock from each other. So, you should remember to always apply a little upward pressure as you nail each piece, if you do this the panels will lock together nice and tight.

Tip 4 : Install Longer Panels First

Longer siding panels do not stretch as readily as smaller ones, so they are not as easy to adjust if they get out of whack.

How to replace only a piece of vinyl siding?

Replacing a broken piece of the siding really takes only a few minutes and you need a few simple tools that will easier the process for you. There is a couple of basic steps that will show you what you need to do. Firstly, you need to remove the old siding from the wall by inserting the siding – removal tool where the panles overlap and pull down and out. Then just use small pry bar to pull the nails from the course you need to remove and pull the piece of vinyl siding downward. So, now it is time to put the siding back on the wall. Just slide and snap the pieces of siding onto the courses below and replace the nails you removed. It can be a little hard to snap the last piece into the groove but a patience and perseverance will help you with that.