Protecting Your Siding In The Winter – Tips From Siding Contractors Chicago, IL

It’s beautiful to see winter-white snow blanketing and cascading on everything, but if your home’s siding is not prepared for it, snow can be harmful. A vinyl siding installation in Chicago is a great way to protect your home as it’s affordable and durable to last through the winter months. It does, however, require a little maintenance and monitoring. To make sure your home remains safe and secure this winter, here’s a list of top-5 tips to help you protect the exterior of your home all winter long:

1. Ensure your siding installation in Chicago is handled properly by being securely connected to all exterior walls of your home. Seal gaps and secure loose panels.

2. Carefully check for cracks, rot, holes, or space for snow to leak through.

3. Inspect the small spaces between your home’s exterior surface and siding backing. There should be no gaps. A good exterior-grade caulk can be used to seal it yourself, but it may be better to speak with siding contractors in Chicago to be sure.

4. If you find any weak spots, siding contractors are the ones to fix them if you can’t before the snow arrives. It is extremely important that this is not put off until the warmer weather returns. Stagnant snow that remains all winter can cause serious damage, leading to leaks, mold, mildew, higher energy costs, and more. A minor siding repair in Chicago now could save you a bundle later.

5. After a heavy snowfall, it’s best to clear away the snow from your siding. You’re probably already shoveling your driveway or patio, so this is the best time to go around the house too. Simply make a habit of it.

For any questions or concerns about siding maintenance or if you need help with siding repair in Chicago, Call Renovax Siding Contractors and he’ll be happy to help.