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The How-To of Maintaining your James Hardie siding

Your James Hardie siding is already the envy of the neighborhood. Its sleek lines, impressive durability, and low-maintenance reputation have you singing its praises. But while James Hardie siding can take a beating, even superheroes need a little TLC now and then. Here’s a guide to keeping your Hardie board siding looking its best for years to come:

Simple Cleaning:

  1. The Basics: Once or twice a year, give your siding a gentle wash with a soft sponge, mild soap, and lukewarm water. It’s best to use a garden hose on a regular setting, and then cleaning the siding with a soft sponge in a side-to-side motion in the direction of the siding. Rinse thoroughly and let it air dry.
  2. Stain Removal: For stubborn stains, use a non-abrasive cleaner like a mild detergent. Always test cleaning solutions in an inconspicuous area first.
  3. No Pressure Powerwash: While tempting, try to avoid pressure washing. The high pressure can damage the siding’s surface and potentially void the warranty. If you do decide to pressure wash, James Hardie recommends using a wide fan tip, keeping a minimum of 6 feet from the wall, and keeping the pressure below 1,500 psi.

Maintenance Essentials:

  1. Caulk Check: Inspect caulking around windows, doors, and trim every year. Replace cracked or missing caulk with a high-quality sealant designed for fiber cement siding.
  2. Trim Check: Keep an eye out for loose or damaged trim and address it promptly. Rotting trim can compromise the integrity of the siding and allow moisture intrusion.
  3. Hardware Heroes: Check for rust or corrosion on screws and nails. Replace any damaged hardware to prevent further issues.

Seasonal Savvy:

  1. Spring Splash: After winter’s harsh grip, give your siding a good cleaning to remove any grime or debris. Pay attention to areas prone to mildew growth, like shady corners.
  2. Fall Fix-up: Before winter rolls in, clear gutters and downspouts to prevent ice dams and water damage. Inspect for any cracks or chips in the siding and address them before the freezing temperatures hit.

Bonus Tips:

  1. Avoid planting tall shrubs or vines too close to the siding, as they can trap moisture and encourage mildew growth.
  2. Don’t rely solely on painting for maintenance. While James Hardie siding can be painted, proper cleaning and minor repairs are key to its longevity.
  3. Remember, even low-maintenance materials need some attention. By following these simple steps, you can ensure your James Hardie siding lasts for decades and keeps your home looking beautiful and protected.

With a little care and attention, your James Hardie siding will continue to be the star of the show for years to come. So, grab your sponge, some mild soap, and get ready to show your siding some love – it’ll thank you for it!

If you do find damaged siding that is beyond regular maintenance, replacement may be necessary! In this case, it’s best to call a James Hardie installation expert like Renovax who will diagnose your siding issues and provide affordable solutions. Call us at 708-612-1111 or email us at inforenovax@gmail.com to schedule your appointment and Free Estimate today! We service Chicago and all surrounding areas, and have been the local siding renovation experts for years!