How to Paint Vinyl Siding?

Vinyl siding is an incredible option for many homeowners. It is low-maintenance, affordable, and attractive without sacrificing durability. The only downside with vinyl siding, however, is that the color is built-in, meaning it can begin to fade in unattractive patterns due to sun exposure. Fortunately, vinyl can be painted so long as you know what you’re doing. There are some key preparations to make before you begin, however. For instance, make sure you carefully check your warranty to make sure paint will not void it. You also want to invest in quality paint, since your siding will now only be as durable as the paint itself.

Preparing your Vinyl Siding for a New Paint Job

Before you get into painting, start by cleaning your vinyl siding. This process should include soap and water, with which you’ll hand-scrub your old siding. Do your best to remove all dirt, grease, and debris and then rinse it off. Some people recommend using power washing, but you should be extremely careful since this can get water into the siding itself, leading to all kinds of issues. Primer is another issue on which professionals are divided. While there are various schools of thought, the best rule of thumb for an amateur is to follow the guidelines laid out by your paint manufacturer.

Understanding the Challenges of Painting Vinyl Siding

Next, you should understand some fundamental elements of your vinyl siding. This type of siding is installed specifically to slide around over its seams when it expands and contracts due to temperature changes. If you paint it during warmer months, you might see a gap in the color when it contracts during colder seasons. You should also be careful when choosing a color. Your vinyl siding was manufactured with a specific amount of heat absorption in mind. Avoid using paint that is darker than the siding itself, since this can lead to unintended levels of heat.